Simple, effective and inexpensive ACR POWERWATCH Power Quality Info Logger


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POWERWATCH records a variety of power line disturbances including surges, sags, dropouts, outages and frequency variations. Any of these disturbances can adversely affect sensitive electronic equipment. The POWERWATCH power quality monitor records them all, precisely, when they take place. No paper charts. No power cords. No switches or buttons. POWERWATCH is self-powered with a 10 Year Battery so even if there's a complete interruption of power, POWERWATCH will remain on the job recording the precise time of power interruption and restoration. ACR POWERWATCH Software operates on any IBM PC or 100% compatible running MS Windows.

POWERWATCH operates on any IBM PC or 100% compatible. Set-up takes only seconds using the quick set-up option or the custom set-up mode. Once the set-up information is entered, point the Lite-Link wand at the eye of the POWERWATCH and the set-up information is instantly stored. Because there ore no cables, buttons or switches, the POWERWATCH is ready to start monitoring your AC power quality as soon as it is plugged in.

Once the POWERWATCH is set-up, just plug it in. No need to have a PC on site. With its 4,000 event memory and no external connections, the POWERWATCH can be left unattended, safely, for long periods of time. Equipped with a visual alarm, the POWERWATCH informs that events have occurred and the data is ready to be analyzed.

Information about your power quality can be displayed in Event, Graphical and Statistical formats that tell you when events occurred, to what degree and how often. All presented in easy to understand formats which is required to solve power quality deficiencies. Information can be hard-copied to most printers, or saved on your computer for future reference. The POWERWATCH Reference Guide profiles possible solutions to common power system deficiencies.

Voltage Measurement Specifications
(Hot to Neutral, Neutral to Ground)
Measurement Range: 0 to 200 volts.
Accuracy: +/- Volt + Resolution.
Voltage Resolution: 1 Volt.


Impulse Measurement Specifications
(Hot to Neutral, Neutral to Ground)
Measurement Range: 50 to 2500 volts.
Accuracy: +/-10% of reading + Resolution
Voltage Resolution: 10 Volts.
Minimum Impulse  
Width Detection: 500 nanoseconds


Frequency Measurement Specifications
(Hot to Neutral)
Measurement Range: 50 to 70 Hz.
Accuracy: +/-0.1 Hz.
Voltage Resolution:  
Resolution: 0.1 Hz.


POWERWATCH software is a powerful and easy-to-use, Windows based power quality analysis software developed exclusively for the POWERWATCH Info Logger. For added productivity, there are no programming hassles or complex menus. As a result, POWERWATCH information can be set up or downloaded in seconds.

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