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 VCN Series  Description
Image The VCN series protects computer equipment and home electronics from harmful surges and spikes. EMI/RFI noise filtration is standard along with a lifetime warranty. Phone line protection is also available.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • $25,000 Equipment Warranty
  • UL 1449 TVSS (330 V Rated)
  • 3 Stage Surge Suppressor
  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtering
  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Suppressor Indicator Light
  • Clip Mounting - Supplied
Model No. Outlets Cord Length Housing Fax/Modem Protection
BPS VCN2 2 Plastic - Putty Color No
BPS VCN2-FAX 2 Plastic - Putty Color Yes
BPS VCN2-4FAX 2 6 Aluminum Yes
BPS VCN4-6 4 6 Aluminum No
BPS VCN4-15 4 15 Aluminum No
BPS VCN6-6 6 6 Aluminum No
BPS VCN6-15 6 15 Aluminum No
BPS VCN4-FAX 4 6 Aluminum Yes
BPS VCN6-FAX 6 6 Aluminum Yes
BPS VCNRS6-6 6 6 Aluminum No
BPS VCNRS6-15 6 15 Aluminum No

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