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CurrentGuard™ & CurrentGuard™ Plus

With our new innovative Z-Path System, dual component-level fusing and enhanced built-in EMI/RFI filter CurrentGuard™ and CurrentGuard™ Plus offer the best-in-class performance and reliability in surge protection. Each series have been single-pulse surge current tested at a nationally recognized third party indepedent laboratory. Available in all standard voltage configurations with six surge ratings, CurrentGuard™ and CurrentGuard™ Plus are the ideal choices for premium surge protection needs.

CG40           CG60           CG80         
        CGP80         CGP100           CGP150           CGP200  

MasterPLAN® Facility-Wide Network
Advanced, all new compatible electrical transient suppression solutions
Our facility-wide network approach combines two or more suppression filter systems to yield dramatically increased performance and long-lasting protection of critical loads. MasterPLAN benefits include improved voltage clamping, expanded distribution system reliability, increased product life expectancy and reduced surge current stress resulting from upstream higher exposure protection...

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Electronic Grade Panelboard Extensions
EGPE2-60 data sheet EGPE2-100 data sheet EGPE2
Installation/Operation Manual
EGPE2-80 data sheet EGPE2 Guide Specifications
Electronic Grade Panelboards®
Electronic Grade Panelboards (EGP)
A Variety of Options From the Creator of the Industry's Original EGP
The first-ever panelboard and suppression/filtering offering, Current Technology's practical, proven EGP is the industry's most-utilized electronic panelboard. EGPs permit customer selection of major panelboard brand and specification of breaker layout. Today, more EGPs are installed in mission-critical facilities worldwide than all competing electronic panelboards combined, and the EGP remains the global standard for comprehensive distribution system protection...
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EGP - inclusive EGPE - inclusive | install EGP80 data sheet
EGPE65 EGPC80         data sheet EGPE100 data sheet | install
Transient Suppression Filter Systems with Failure-Free ISB:
SELect and TransGuard
Select Electrical Transient Voltage Suppression Systems (TVSS)
The world's most advanced, most reliable electrical transient protection
SELect TVSS FamilySelect electrical transient voltage suppression systems feature the industry's best current sharing for maximum reliability as well as individually fused selenium and metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to assure today's mission-critical facilities of clean, reliable electrical power. Meticulously manufactured to meet and exceed established world-class quality standards, no other electrical transient disturbance products deliver the proven quality, absolute dependability and permanent protection provided by Select suppression filter systems.

SEL300 data sheet SEL200 data sheet SEL100 data sheet
SEL250 data sheet SEL150 data sheet  

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TransGuard™      Suppression Filter Systems
TransGuard and MasterPLAN: the #1 facility-wide protection network
TransGuard suppression filter systems feature a powerful new Failure-Free ISB (Integrated Suppression Bus) suppression filter assembly, individually fused MOVs, improved current sharing, multiple options and much more - precisely the protection today's facilities need from costly downtime and equipment damage resulting from routine or catastrophic electrical disturbances.

TG300 data sheet TG250 data sheet TG200 data sheet
TG150 data sheet TG125 data sheet TG100 data sheet
TG80 data sheet TG60 data sheet  

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Monitoring Systems for SELect & TransGUARD
MasterMIND MasterTEST DTS-2
Transient Suppression Filter Systems
Selenium-Enhanced PLUS

Selenium-EnhancedUnmatched Reliability for Zero-Tolerance Applications
Work environments that are totally dependent on electronic-based systems to power critical operations demand the most reliable protection against costly damage and downtime provided only by Current Technology's selenium-enhanced Plus suppression filter system...
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PLUS - inclusive XP plus MP plus
MP DP plus DP install DPA
Install Manuals Only
Generation II SBA BPA Open Frame
SF Suppression Filter Systems
Proven and Practical Power for Success™
The result of the industry's most comprehensive research and development program, SF suppression filter systems provide today's consulting engineers, electrical contractors and end-users with exactly what you've been waiting for: easy to specify, top-performing advanced power quality solutions that affordably satisfy the individual requirements of your particular facility.

SF - inclusive install SF200 overview | install SF80 overview | install
SF300 overview | install SF150 overview | install SF50 overview | install
SF250 overview | install SF125 overview | install  
SF225 overview | install SF100 overview | install  
Active Harmonic Filter System
Harmonix HX3-100
Harmonix Designed in collaboration with electrical engineering faculty at Texas A&M University
The flexible, easily upgradable Harmonix expertly handles the constantly changing harmonic currents inherent in today’s busy facilities. Unlike the passive harmonic devices of yesterday, the Harmonix provides effective filtering without forming a resonant circuit with the source impedance and easily accommodates changing harmonic currents. The result: as much as 200% more cancellation than "passive" harmonic technologies and long-term, "permanent" protection...
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Harmonix Installation Manual >>
TransEnd™ Surge Protectors


TransEnd™ surge protectors combine practicality with many special features to deliver more performance than any other device in its class. Designed to meet demanding project requirements, TransEnd is the right choice for today’s competitive environment. These MOV-based protectors are available in all standard low-voltage AC configurations with surge current capacities ranging from 25 kA to 100 kA. more >>

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Auxiliary Products
ControlGuard Suppression Filter Systems
The industry's first and only suppression filter system specifically designed to safeguard motor control centers
Current Technology's unique ControlGuard features effortless slide-in installation to provide proven protection for all electrical paths into controls housed within or fed from motor control centers. Available in your choice of Allen Bradley, Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse, GE Siemens or Square D stab-in MCC housing, parallel connected ControlGuard suppression filter systems boast a single pulse surge current capacity of 200,000 amps per phase and a repetitive 10,000 amp surge current capacity of 2,500 impulses...
CCG100 data sheet | more information >>
GuardBus Suppression Filter Systems | GB80 Data Sheet
The industry's first and only direct-connect busway suppression filter system
Current Technology's innovative GuardBus offers practical, proven and flexible electrical disturbance protection for busway-fed critical loads. Housed in your choice of GE, Siemens, Square D or Cutler-Hammer/ Westinghouse UL 857 fused switch busplugs, parallel-connected GuardBus models instantly plug into any vacant busplug socket to supply immediate protection to all electrical modes of busway-powered loads within range...

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The LoadGuard MSU is engineered for hard-wired installation within or adjacent to electrical loads such as robotics, process automation systems, motors, HVAC systems, pumps, heaters, programmable logic controllers and other point-of-use applications.
DATACOM / TELECOM Protection Products
CCC Series | DDC | MTC | SIC | TSC

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