Joslyn® products are manufactured and supported by Danaher Power Solutions (NYSE: DHR). For over 60 years, the Joslyn brand has been recognized as the leading name in power, signal, and communications protection. Since gaining recognition as the world's leading supplier of aircraft lightning arresters (currently installed on Air Force One), Joslyn has become the global leader in providing innovative technology, design, manufacturing, and distribution of AC & DC power surge protection products.

Our complete end-to-end product solutions address a multitude of applications for telephony and data line protection for use in Central Offices, Building Entrances, Transportation, Industrial Process Control, Military, and the Customer Premise.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Joslyn's production facilities, engineering, quality control, customer service, and shipping are located under one roof. This enables Joslyn to provide fast response times and ensure the highest level quality products available, on-time delivery, and knowledgeable customer service.



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For more information about these or any other surge protection products or to speak with one of our sales reps, please contact us.

Tel: 407-380-9200 Fax: 407-380-3911 Email: jwest@psihq.com

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