Joslyn's Surgitron PM provides an elevated level in surge    protector performance. With a built-in Intelligent Power    Monitor in conjunction with thermally fused MOV technology,    the Surgitron PM defines a new level of surge protector    performance.

   To provide you with the peace-of-mind you have come to    expect from the Joslyn Surgitron line, the Intelligent Power    Monitor alerts you of any protection degradation (visibly and    audibly) before failure occurs.

The Surgitron PM is designed specifically to withstand high exposure service entrance surge environments but can be used effectively at any location within the facility where equipment disruption or damage due to transient voltage surges cannot be tolerated.

  • Intelligent Power Monitor
  • Protection Percent Available
  • Thermally Fused MOV Technology

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New front panel design displays voltage, SAGs, swells, transient surges, drop outs, outages and most importantly, protection % available.

Voltage/Circuit Configuration
Model #
kA per Phase
Protection Modes
120/240 Vac, Split Single Phase, 3 Wire 
L-N, L-G, N-G

Voltage/Circuit Configuration
Model #/Datasheet
120/240 Vac, Split Single Phase, 3 Wire
208Y/120 Vac, 3 Phase Grounded Wye, 4 Wire
230 Vac, Single Phase, 2 Wire
240/120 Vac, 3 Phase Delta, Center-tap Grounded, 4 Wire
400Y/230 Vac, 3 Phase Grounded Wye, 4 Wire
480Y/277 Vac, 3 Phase Grounded Wye, 4 Wire

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