Joslyn® Surgitron® surge protectors for AC power circuits are designed for installation at main service entrance, distribution panels and subpanels. These products protect facilities and equipment  from damage due to external transients and surge caused by lightning, induction, switching surges and, to some degree, EMPs. The Surgitron line is particularly effective in preventing damage to solid-state electronic equipment.

From the central office, hut/shelter, subpanels and power pedestals to transfer switches, cabinets and other telecommunications installations, Surgitron products provide enterprise-wide protection. These versatile products also safeguard commercial, industrial, educational and other types of facilities with zero tolerance for electrical and electronic system downtime or degradation.

The models are hard-wired surge protectors designed to limit surge voltages by discharging or bypassing the surge current to ground. They provide the primary protection at the service entrance where lightning currents must be shunted to ground and at subpanels where internally generated surges must be clamped.

Beware of relying on any single source for complete protection against surges and spikes. Plug-in strips protect only equipment actually plugged in to that strip and can themselves be damaged by surges.

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