The United Power name on our products and equipment is our quality pledge. It tells you that the unit has met the stringent standards of our quality control programs - programs that ensure every system is manufactured to our demanding requirements. Our name is our promise to you - a pledge of excellence in manufacturing and commitment to service.

Yet ours is not the only name you'll find on United Power products. All of our technicians participating in a unit's manufacture add their names as well. By signing the signature card, each indicates that the product meets the quality standards in that individual's area of responsibility. Finally, before shipping, we fully load each unit in our testing facilities, assuring ourselves that each will operate properly when installed on site.

At United Power, we are committed to quality. Every one of us. You have our word  - and our name - on it.




United Power Corporation provides power conditioning equipment for some of the most critical data processing centers in the country. For example, our equipment manages over 10,000 kVA for Chase Financial Services. We also protect the strategic mapping centers for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as dozens of air traffic control centers for the Federal Aviation Administration.

For more information about these or any other surge protection products or to speak with one of our sales reps, please contact us.

Tel: 407-380-9200 Fax: 407-380-3911 Email:

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